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The Adult Social Care Portal


The Adult Social Care Portal is a brand new service from Leicester City Council that allows people to find out if they may be entitled to receive support from Adult Social Care and the indicative cost of that support, without picking up the phone or waiting in a queue.

Applications can be submitted by individuals and carers, for themselves or on behalf of someone else and are sent straight to the Adult Social Care Team who will contact the person directly. This can be done online at your own convenience by visiting:

Guidance for service providers

The Adult Social Care Portal is a quick to use tool, it takes around 20 minutes

Answering the broad questions produces a summary report that indicates if your customer may be eligible for support from Adult Social Care and provides links to a range of information, advice and guidance appropriate to help meet their needs. If you customer does not want to continue past the Summary Report, then you can print a copy for them to take away.

To continue past the Summary Report and account will need to be created. If your customer does not, or cannot make an account for any reason, you can create your own account and submit the form on their behalf. Please make sure you provides their contact details for Adult Social Care to make contact.

If they proceed to the financial calculation, their financial details can be entered to provide an indication of the potential amount they may need to contribute towards the cost of their support.

Once the online calculator has been completed, there are three options to continue:

Option 1: Customer does not want to continue based on the indicative cost.

Simply click ‘clear the calculation’ and log out.

Option 2: Customer wants to continue, but the financial details are estimated:

Print or download a copy of the financial assessment to take away and check the details. The form can then be saved, but if the financial details are inaccurate, then a new calculation will need to be completed.

Option 3: Customer wants to continue and the financial details are accurate:

Then the form can be submitted.

To submit the application, you will need to provide your customer contact details and Adult Social Care will contact them within 7 working days

FAQ for the Adult Social Care Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can use the Adult Social Care Portal?
The Adult Social Care Portal can be used by individuals or carers.

2. Who can submit an application using the Adult Social Care Portal?
An application can be submitted by anyone, as long as the person requesting support is over 18.

3. How do I submit an application on someone else’s behalf?
On the ‘Your details’ page of the application, you can select if you’re completing the form either for yourself or ‘on behalf of somebody else’.

4. Do Adult Social Care contact referrers and keep them up-to-date?
Due to Data Protection 1998 they do not.

5. Does the website have voice recognition/ Dragon software functionality?
At this stage, the Adult Social Care Portal does not include this.

6. Has the portal going live affected access to immediate/ emergency support?
No – nothing has changed in relation to access to emergency support.

7. Where does the ‘request for help’ form go and who responds?
The requests are sent directly to Adult Social Care who responds accordingly.

8. Who receives an application and contacts the applicant?
Once Adult Social Care receives the application, they will contact the applicant directly.

9. What is an Age-related allowance?
This is the benefits threshold.

10. Is the value of the home they live in taken into account when calculating their financial contribution?
It is not. Only the value of second homes or other properties will be taken into account.

11. Who has access to financial information submitted via the Adult Social Care Portal?
Financial information submitted via the Adult Social Care Portal is only accessed by Council staff within Finance and Adult Social Care. This is not shared with anyone else.

12. Where can I send feedback about the Adult Social Care Portal?
There is a “contact us” link at the bottom of every page of the portal. Alternatively you can send feedback to

13. What is AskSARA?
AskSARA is a 3rd party, online service that provides ‘guided advice about daily living’ and directs customers to where they can purchase products and services.

14. Can people be signposted from AskSARA to Adult Social Care?
No. AskSARA is designed for people to find and purchase supported living equipment, not to refer to Adult Social Care.

Guidance for the public

The Adult Social Care Portal is quick, taking around 20mins to use; it can be used at your own convenience and is secure. 

Without creating an account, you can:

Find useful services that provide information, advice and guidance
Find out if you may or may not be entitled to receive that support from the council

By creating an account, you can:
Find out how much you may need to pay towards the cost of your social care support
Submit your request for support without waiting in queues or on the phone

To create an account, you will need:

  • Your first name, last name and a password
  • Your email and access to it.
  •  A ‘verification code’ will be sent to your email address and you will need to enter this code to login.

To find out the weekly amount you may need to pay towards your support, you will need details of:

  • Your savings
  • Your Benefits
  • Expenses
  • Any other income

To submit your application, you will also need to provide your contact details and someone from Social Care will contact you within 7 working days